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WHttDCnU? – Mister Terrific: Mind Games

Hello, once again, and welcome back to Whatever Happened to the DC New Universe? When DC integrated every team into a single universe at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, certain characters became staples of teams that originally had heavily overlapping rosters, and one of the most popular by far was Mister Terrific. Mister …

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WHttDCnU? – Men of War: Uneasy Company Pt 2

Welcome back heroes and heroines for part two of DC’s showcase style book, Men of War: Uneasy Company. Last week the mysterious Keeper and equally enigmatic Plague Doctor treated us to an indepth look at the first five stories of Men of War, and this week we condlude their work with the last three tales …

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WHttDCnU? – Men of War: Uneasy Company Pt 1

Welcome back heroes and heroines for a slightly different take on WHttDCnU? where for the showcase style book that is DC’s Men of War, we are splitting this review in two parts. Why? Because frankly, by the very nature of a showcase book, there are LOTS of stories show cased within it, and unlike the …

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WHttDCnU? – Hawk and Dove: First Strikes

Vigil collapsed to his knees and gave a strangled moan, clutching at his head as projections of screens and profiles flickered all around him and the lenses of his visor scrambled. What was this creative disaster that he had witnessed? The deformity of the human form, the utter trite of a lackluster tales told terribly. …

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WHttDCnU? – All Star Western: Guns and Gotham

HI YO SILVER! Wait that’s not right… YIPEE KI-YAY! No that’s not it either… Welcome back heroes and heroines for a trip through time for tonight’s WHttDCnU? review! If you haven’t guessed, we’re taking a ride through the old west, and joining me for his first review with Badly Productions is Bradley, AKA The Archivist! …

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