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Anime Kenkai: Fan-Exploitation and Me

Good day class, today is going to be our lecture day and unfortunately I’ve chosen a bit of a heavy topic for us to start with. It’s the meaning of “Fan Service” or more what it should be called “Fan Exploitation”. I know, I know, this is something everyone has an opinion on and everyone wants to discuss what to do and what not to do, but please pay attention to what I have to say. It’s one more opinion for you to hear and to think on and the faster we go over this, the sooner we can move on to something a little more light-hearted for us. So get comfortable and lets get this over with.

Anime Kentō: The Big O

Alright class, let’s take a look into the archives a bit here. Nothing too dramatic though, let’s move forward from the originals like Astro Boy, maybe further past the Gundam, and little more over to when Anime started to make it’s way to the West…Ah here. Here is a good spot, this one is a particular favorite and with good reason. Everyone pay close attention, this will be on your next quiz. Now, how many of you have heard the tale of The Big O?

Anime Kenkai: Looking Back On Yesteryear

Welcome faithful students, today we will have a simple lecture, consider it a brush up of the basics and nothing more. However if you’ve seen what is listed on here please don’t be afraid to make a comment about them, share in your opinion about whether you agree or disagree. After all, nothing is gained without questioning about it in the first place. Now, shall we begin?

Getting Back Into The Swing

It has been a while since I’ve done a normal article and honestly its’ good to be back in the saddle again and wanting to talk about something other than comics for a change. Don’t get me wrong guys, WHTTDCU was a lot of fun, it reminded me of why I love the titles I …

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Now On My Screen: Leaving Comfort Zones

I love the anime that I watch: the action/adventure, the sci-fi, the high fantasy; stuff that I and others like myself would enjoy. I tend to shy away from “Slice of Life” anime, unless it is a minor theme in an anime that contains my favorite major themes. I don’t find that type of anime …

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