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Name: David Stout
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Now On My Screen: Anime and Me

Anime, it is one of my favorite media in Nerd Culture and I haven’t been devoting time to talking about it. My past two articles have only been about video games and really that’s not fair for Anime. However it is hard to force a topic and it also does that topic a great disservice …

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Now On My Screen: Superman Needs His Own Game

I’m not a Superman Fan. Superman was always someone that I couldn’t find myself relating to, mostly because I’m not as interested in heavy Science Fiction which is where ninety percent of his stories take place. He’s not bland and I like the moral conundrum that comes with him, the “How much is enough for …

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Now On My Screen: The Noises

When I’ve written this article, I’ll have just come back from seeing “Annabelle” – the movie that is a prequel spinoff of one of my favorite horror movies “The Conjuring”. Unfortunately (but not surprising) I didn’t exactly find it to be enjoyable. I love horror movies, I may not be a horror movie fanatic but …

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