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Name: John Haslach
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Harmonica's Wing, nicely tucked away in the corner, is where Harmonica Jay gives his reviews of Adaptations, Comics, sometimes games, and tv shows, all while sitting on the Sidelines.

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Sidelines: 13: Klaus Issue #1 Review

To say that Grant Morrison is an eccentric writer is an understatement. The man is a ball of crazy that has a greater imagination than I can ever fathom. However, that doesn’t make him a bad writer. In fact, today’s comic “Klaus #1” from Boom Comics is a good example of him at his best. …

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Sidelines: 12: Top Six Star Wars Moments

With the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I think it’s time that I look back at my top six favorite Star Wars moments. Now this is going to be a very specific kind of list. I am only looking at examples from visual media like film and tv shows and most of it …

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Sidelines: 11: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

When it comes to movie genres, there is one that I really have a problem with: Slashers. I am not a big Slasher film fan. I don’t like films where the main point is to watch a bunch of people I don’t care about get killed off in grizzly ways by a maniac with a …

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Sidelines: 10: Forever Evil: Justice League issues 27-29

In late 2013, DC Comics began its biggest event thus far: Forever Evil, an event where the Justice League was defeated by the Crime Syndicate, an alternate version of the Justice League. During the event, the Justice League, except for Batman and Cyborg, disappeared and thus the fate of the Earth was not in the …

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Ponies of the North: Book 1: Journey to the North: Chapter VIII: Journey to the North

  Twilight was walking about in a forest covered in pure white snow. Unlike her previous snow dream which had instilled a sense of loneliness and isolation, this dream filled her with peace and serenity. The way the snow highlighted the green pine trees gave her a sense of Déjà vu, like she had been …

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