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Let Us Play!: Netflix and Nintendo Zelda TV series update! (Also why Link is male)

Welcome back to another update from The Book of Frog. I have been on fire these past few days! Recently I’ve had a very personal time of strife in my family, issues were brought to the surface, on Facebook of all places, where the world and their auntie can see and read the arguments that …

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TBOF: Errata – The X Files returns?

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Book of Frog, and here today I have something new for you! Over the past year I’ve found myself having way too many projects in development and not enough in production. So often I get so bogged down in what I think are good ideas, that …

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The Peanut Gallery Presents: Spider-Man: A Rant

Hello everyone, welcome back to the June Edition of the Peanut Gallery! Last month, two large events stood poised to impact tabletop gaming, and although there isn’t panic in the streets just yet, they implications and repercussions are still ongoing in that sense. But this month, everyone’s focused on E3. I did a retrospective of …

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Sidelines 008: Top Ten A.I. Villains

What is it about AI that makes for good villains? Is it the fear that one day machines will overtake humanity and destroy us, thus reigning in a future where all organic life is rendered obsolete? Or is it the idea that something originally created to enhance our lives can become something evil? I like …

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Sidelines 007: The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

You know what I love? RPGs and Fantasy Movies. I love stories of epic adventures in far off distant lands. I loveThe Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and games like Dragon Age: Origins, Shadowrun Returns and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I love games that allow you to create your own story. Great stories …

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