TableTopical News: March 13, 2015

titilecard_TableTopical_010Hello and welcome to TableTopical News for March 13, 2015. In this edition: New Magic spoilers and Warhammer Fantasy’s End Times.

The release of Dragons of Tarkir spoilers continued this week, with the full spoiler expected on Monday, with the prerelease occuring on March 20.

Of particular note is the number of cycles, cards that can be shown in a set of 5 for each colour. As of this article there are seven cycles spoiled, among them four dragons cycles, the Elder Dragons, a rare cycle, and an uncommon cycle of dragons.

There is also a cycle of dragons utilising the recently spoiled Megamorph mechanic. Utilising the same rules as morphs, creatures with megamorph can be cast face down as 2/2 creatures. The difference is that they gain a +1/+1 counter upon being turned face up.

There are two megamorph cycles, one of dragons and another of two mana 2/1 creatures with megamorph.

In other news, Games Workshop has released its final Warhammer Fantasy book based around an event called ‘The End Times’, confirming rumours of a major shakeup, and leading to a significant change in the secondary market.

The release of the last End TImes book has confirmed multiple rumours about the setting, causing many fans to lament the changes that will invalidate many of the armies currently available. Of the current reactions:

  • The Lizardmen have disappeared, leading to the theoretical loss of their army in the new edition.
  • The Dwarven holds have been overrun by Skaven Troops, leading to the theoretical subsuming of Dwarves into the new Empire army.
  • All Elf armies have combined into a single conglomerate, which suggests a loss of many of the more flavour-heavy units. This comes on the heels of a Wood elf release of multiple units in plastic, many of whom will not exist in the new edition.
  • The Brettonian knights, who have not had an update in several years, are gone, along with much of the world.
  • The Tomb Kings army has been subsumed under another undead army, and are supposedly unable to be represented in the new edition.

This has caused significant distress amongst the remaining fans, many of whom are flooding ebay and other markets with second-hand miniatures. This in turn is making miniatures significantly cheaper.

That’s all we have time for, but tune in next week for another edition of TableTopical News.


  • When I thought that I couldn’t have a lower opinion of Game Workshop they release a whole range of miniatures and then remove them from the rules. Wow, GW you guys suck so hard!