TableTopical News: March 20, 2015

titilecard_TableTopical_011Hello and welcome to TableTopical News for March 20, 2015. In this edition: The announcement of Warmachine: Reckoning and Doomtown Reloaded Expansions.

Privateer Press has released details about another expansion for he Warmachine/Hordes skirmish Strategy game. Named Warmachine: Reckoning, this expansion tells the story of the remaining armies as they attempt to hold back the tide of the Cryxian Forces.

Found in the book are currently designs for a brand new Khador Heavy Warjack, known as Ruin, and a mercenary unit that will ally with Cryx, called The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers. The appear as ghost pirates, who can return after being destroyed so long as the unit survives by killing other models.

Other additions to the lineup includes new plastic releases, The Iron Fang Pikemen. Khador Anti-heavy infantry armed with explosive-tipped spears, the Iron Fang pikeman will be plastic, along with an elite version called the Black Dragons. Also available soon will be an all-in-one army box for the Retribution of Scyrah. Meant as an introductory product, this will be available for a limited time and will  contain a full 35-point legal army.

Finally, Doomtown: Reloaded, a living card game set in the world of The Deadlands, is getting its first ‘Pine Box’ expansion, coming out in April. Within are contained several new cards and mechanics, among them Blessed Dudes, and miracles, as well as support for current factions and four new outfit cards.

That’s really all we have time for, but join us next week for another edition of TableTopical News!