Pixelvision Preview: Monster Hunter Stories!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a very short update for you today, that I felt like I just had to write because I was so excited when I saw a game trailer pop up on my Twitter feed. While browsing, I found myself on the Capcom Japanese Monster Hunter profile, where, at the top I found this tweet:

【特報】『モンスターハンター』新プロジェクト始動!モンスターとライダーの絆を描くシリーズ初のRPG『モンスターハンター ストーリーズ』2016年登場決定!【PC】【モンハン部編集部】


I can’t read Japanese, so I had no idea what it said, but it was followed up by this video:


The team that brought you Monster Hunter, has just revealed as of April 11th, a new Monster Hunter game. However, this game isn’t a part of the main series of games. This spin off game, called Monster Hunter Stories is a more narrative driven RPG, that focuses on the bond between a boy and his monster, showing that monsters, to at least a select few, are worth more than just a good hunt.. Details are sketchy at the moment, but I’m expecting that we’ll learn more in the near future, possibly at E3.

The trailer it’s self, shows a number of monsters, including a Tigrex and Kongalala, as well as the staple Aptonoth and Kelbi, with the boy riding an apparently tamed Rathalos. While the trailer shows the main character riding his Rathalos, does the stealing of eggs, and the Tigrex egg starting to hatch at the end suggest that you can hatch and raise other monsters too?

Monster Hunter Stories is currently set for a 2016 release.

mhs001 mhs002
mhs003 mhs004

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has very quickly become one of my favourite games, and a few weeks ago, I made mention to a few other hunters that a Beastmaster class would be awesome, taking some inspiration from the new Insect glaive. My personal idea of a Beastmaster class would have the player, commanding smaller creatures like Genprey and Ioprey, at first, eventually taming juvenile versions of the larger monsters. Dash Minus made the suggestion that they could be commanded, by throwing paintbomb like scent bombs, to make sure they fight the target that you want them to.

The concept of Beastmastery has always been an interest of mine, going back as far as Final Fantasy games, and when I saw the awesome mounted Chocobo Knights in Final Fantasy X, I’ve longed for a game where you played a Chocobo Knight as a main character. It’s possible that Capcom just one upped that in a big way!

Can’t wait for more information on this game, and if I can have a pet Tigrex, I’m going to be set!


Before I go I want to thank Akiterra Goombah for the translating the original Tweet for me, and leave you all with a question: What do you think about these shorter updates? Would you prefer more regular, short news updates like this one, or would you rather I wait until there’s more substantial information and write a fuller article?

That’s all from me for today, I’ve been Andy Frogman, and this is Pixelvision, only on The Book Of Frog!

  • Andrew Henriquez

    I’ve never really followed any of the previous Monster Hunter games, mostly thanks to a lack of money to buy them with, but this trailer looks incredible, and I think this might just be the first game in the series that I will try to save up for. I’m curious though; would this work as a stand-alone game, or would I need to be familiar with the other games in the series?

  • I can’t imagine that there would be anything that would require you to have played the other games in the series. When it comes to Monster Hunter games, story isn’t really the major focus, it’s the hunt. While a small part of the enjoyment will be coming to discover what old monster are in the game, and what new ones they may have added, kinda like a nostalgic value of sorts, I can’t imagine not having this would change your perception of the game at all.

    The only thing that I can suggest to new Monster Hunter players is to hang in there, and keep trying, because there are a lot of mechanics that seem pretty complicated or counter intuitive at first, and that can put some people off. None the less, breaking through those barriers is incredibly rewarding for the challenge that ensues.

    However, with the addition of mounting mechanics, and mounted combat, I would suggest that this game will use a completely different, and possibly simpler control method to other Monster Hunter games. At the moment we are only seeing the main character with a sword and shield, so other weapon classes may not be available either, making this a very streamlined experience. With all that said though, where as other Monster Hunter games are about the hunt, this is about the story, so you have to be able to balance the mechanics so they don’t interfere with the plot.

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