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Hey there Lads and Ladettes! Welcome back to The Book of Frog: Errata. Last time I took a gander outside my gaming environment to see what else was going on in the world, I discovered that there was a new X-Files series happening. That’s cool and I do actually have a bit more info on that, but that’s for another time. Just a couple of hours ago I saw the band new trailer for Ant-Man, and I figured that I would give my ten pennies worth. I promise I am still working on the second part of the Big N Breakdown: DIRECT, in fact it’s mostly finished and I’ll have it up in the next twenty-four hours, with the hope that I’ll get the final part out by Thursday. Anyway, that’s for tomorrow, tonight we movie!


It was touch and go for some time as to which comic book company would be brave enough to release their shrinking hero first. However it was done, it would be a power that would have problems on the big screen. It had the potential to look cheesy as hell, and thee concept of a shrinking hero may not work for the mass movie going audience as well as it does in the comics. None the less with the success of their Marvel Cinematic universe, Phase 2 of the series has taken a few more risks, and has really diversified their characters in interesting directions.

But is Ant-Man something that can work?

With the release date set for July 17th, only three months away, very few details or information on the film has been revealed, but finallytoday, a full Ant-Man trailer has been revealed. Take a look:

I’m seeing so many mixed reactions to this trailer. A lot of people are calling it lame, or a ridiculous concept. Some of my early concerns about the appearance of shrinking powered character on the big screen may be hitting the public exactly as I anticipated. Taking a step back out of my headspace of comic book knowledge, I can completely understand that shrinking and communication with ants is pretty out there, and may not appeal to everyone, especially the way it’s portrayed on screen.

That said, getting right back into the comfort of my head space, and ignoring the fact that Ant-Man is well and truely a legitimate character in his own right, in the comics, I want to talk briefly about the way this trailer looks.

antman001I’m not going to hide my feelings here, I’m REALLY looking forward to this movie. As far as I’m concerned the trailer looks fantastic. The shrinking ability does look a little out of place, but I think they’ve fixed that problem in a very round about way. By giving the entire movie a cheesy and comedic spin. Actually, that makes it even more interesting to me. It’s showing the world that Marvel can be about more than the usual serious, super-hero, action flick, and actually IS a lot more than that. This was already sort of proven with Guardians of the Galaxy, which also kept it’s hand squarely on the humour pulse, but with a new sci-fi setting that diverges greatly from the previously given formula of the Avengers series of movies. That Guardians of the Galaxy can be very different as still be part of the same universe, despite the tonal and stylistic changes, gives it a very comic book feel in and of itself, and I think Ant-Man is going to do exactly the same.

It’s an argument that I’ve often had with people regarding video games. A lot of people seem to think that a series of games is defined by similar mechanics, and the same or similar underlying tone. For this reason, they say that StarFox Adventures is not a proper Star Fox game. In the sense that it’s not a game where you pilot a super-orbital dog-fighter, you’d be absolutely correct, but is that all Fox McCloud is good at? Is he not allowed to venture out on foot? To anyone who says that it was never intended to be a Star Fox game, fair enough, but to people who say it’s “too different”, nah sorry, it’s still a Star Fox game because Star Fox is the main protagonist. End of argument.

Same goes here, I know a few people didn’t like the campy tone of Guardians and wondered what was going on, and how can this all be a part of the same world with the serious super-heroes, willfully ignoring how ridiculous Thor is if you really stop and think about it. I suspect those same people will have the same complaints about a more humour driven action movie in Ant-Man. Personally I love this trailer, and I’m so glad they went with Scott Lang as the Ant-Man.

antman002The main villain being Darren Cross, as Yellowjacket is interesting choice, as in the comics Darren Cross was more of a biological experiment gone wrong, rather than a physics based shrinking villain, so to have Cross Tech Enterprises take over Hank Pym’s research and become a villain with similar powers to Ant-Man as Yellowjacket, is a far flung divergence from the comics. Though, it is a nice way to introduce both Cross and the Yellowjacket costume, which looks freaking awesome!

Being so much older in the movie, Hank Pym’s comic continuity wife, Janet van Dyne, doesn’t appear to be the woman that may end up in the Wasp costume (in fact, she doesn’t seem to appear at all). It seems instead that they are taking a page (or a few pages) from 1998’s “A-Next” series, that takes place in the futuristic alternate Marvel Universe of Earth-982, and introducing Hank Pym’s daughter Hope van Dyne, who may end up being The Wasp, in future installments of the Ant-Man/Avengers continuity.

I made a comment some time back that I would love to see the Movie evolve into something akin to the “Ant-Man Corps.”, with Scott Lang as Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady taking on the mantle of a heroic Yellowjacket, Hope/Janet van Dyne becoming The Wasp, and maybe Bill or Tim Foster taking on the identity of Goliath, all under the guidance of their mentor Hank Pym. That would be one hell of a movie!

The way it’s looking now though, I’m going to put myself out there and say, THIS looks like it’s going to be one hell of a movie. If they have overcome the campness, and dialed in the humour just right, I think this could be one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie series. Up there along side my favourites; Thor, Guardians and Incredible Hulk.


Just another short one for today, though, I do have a few unused images that I want to post, so here you go:

antman006 antman005

antman004 antman003

I left a question in my previous update (Let Us Play!: Monster Hunter Stories) about whether or not people prefer the more regular smaller updates, like this one, or the longer updates. Seeing as I’ve gone and posted another article so soon, and I’ll be posting another one later today, I figured I better bring it up again, incase anyone missed it.

It’s not really going to change much by way of my content, but if you prefer shorter updates like this, I’m going to attempt to get a lot more of these done, between my larger updates. I still intend updating Pixelvision as a review-like discussion about specifically the games, Big N Breakdown is still going to be number of short reviews about games for that Month (once I get back into the swing of that one), it’s really Errata and Let Us Play! that you’ll see a difference with, as those are the two series that I’m producing that are more akin to a news update.

So what do you guys think? More regular, shorter content like this? Or larger, less regular articles?

Thanks everyone for reading, I’ve been Andy Frogman, and this has been The Book Of Frog: Errata!

All my love!