TableTopical News: April 17, 2015

titilecard_TableTopical_013Hello and welcome to TableTopical News for April 17th, 2015. In this edition:the Iron Kingdoms RPG, Eldar rumours and Forge World Teasers, as well as a new Pokemon TCG box.

Games Workshop, hot off the heels of the Adeptus Mechanicus release, has released details about a renewal of the Eldar Codex, which is only two years old. Called Codex: Craftworlds, this codex features a much stronger Wraithknight, detachments for your forces and comes alongside the release of new jetbikes whose design has been unchanged for 23 years.


Critics have noted that the jetbike redesign bears only minor differences to these prototype models shown seven years ago in 2008.

Jetbike Prototype

The detachments as laid out by White dwarf are as follows.

 There are 3 different choice for guardian host :

– Guardian Battlehost (1 farseer, 3 unit guardian defenders, 1 Vyper squadron, 1 unit War walkers, 1 Vaul’s Wrath Support Battery and 0-1 Warlock conclave)

– Windrider host (1 farseer, 1 warlock conclave, 3 unit Windriders, 1 Vyper squadron)

– Guardian storm host (1 farseer, 3 unit storm guardian , 1 Vyper squadron, 1 unit War walkers, 1 Vaul’s Wrath Support Battery and 0-1 Warlock conclave)

You need at least one of those formations to unlock the other one :

0-3 Regent of the warhost :
– Heroes of the craftworlds (1 Autarch or Yriel or Eldrad or Illic)
– Seer council : 2 farseers (1 can be Eldrad, 1 warlock conclave)
– living legends : 1 avatar or 1 of the phoenix lords

1-12 formation for each guardian host
– outcasts : 1 unit Rangers
– crimson death : 3 crimson hunters
– dire avenger shrine : 3 unit Dire Avengers
– wraith host : 1 Spiritseer, 3 unit Wraith guards/blades (any combination), 1 Wraithlord, 1 Wraith Knight
– aspect host : 3 unit aspect warriors (any combination)
– wraith-construct :1 Hemlock or 1 Wraithlord or 1 Wraithknight
– engines of vaul : 1 unit of Night Spinner or 1 unit of Fire Prism or 1 unit of Falcon

In other news, Forge World recently shared this image.Fans of the franchise will recognise this as a Warlord TItan, one of the largest Imperial war machines. This behemoth stands at the height of a small child in tabletop terms. Could this be the release of a giant plastic kit?

Warlord Titan

And finally, news about two releases. The first is the Pokemon TCG Flygon-EX box, continuing the EX card releases. The box contains flygon-EX as both a foil and oversized promo card, as well as 4 pokemon TCG booster packs, and was release Wednesday.

Meanwhile at Privateer Press, April 22nd marks the release of the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed book. A supplement to the Iron Kingdoms RPG, Unleashed gives characters new options to play as various monster races from across the Iron Kingdoms, the realm that also houses Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes Strategy games. Retail price is $59.99, with preorders giving a digital copy of the book as well.

That’s all we have time for, but join us next week for another instalment of TableTopical News!