You Got Mail #4 – May Arcade Block


Hello and welcome back to this extremely late unboxing of the May edition of Arcade Block. The lateness is for two reasons: first of all, the Block only arrived a week go, WELL into June! There was a shipping error and after my original Block had made it into Australia and I can only assume something broke. A second Block was sent out, and this is the Block I received. The reason it took me a week to get to? … frankly, I’ve been busy, and a little burnt out.

BUT I’m back now to go through this box of goodies with you before the June Block should suddenly bang on my door!

YGM013Now what’s interesting about this second block which successfully made the full journey to my apartment, is the fact this was in response to the first one being “lost”.

Once Nerd Block had found out that my original block was not going to get to me or had something wrong with it (I’ll bring this up again later), they not only sent me a new one, but added a letter of apology for the delay and the mishap. They also included an additional item to make up for the wait.

That was pretty cool of them, and although the additional item turned out to be another Gameboy patterned book of sticky notes, an item I received back in the March Arcade Block, I’m okay with this as I like getting items I can use, not just take up valuable shelf space.

With this single additional item, the block seems very full this time around, and is one of the more exciting boxes of loot we’ve received so far. Look at all of that stuff! Straight off, the shirt is right up my alley – a creature collection from Final Fantasy all in glorious sprite artwork and set up like a Character Select Screen for a fighting game. I claim dibs on this month’s shirt! (I seriously need more shirts).

But that’s not the only wearable item in this haul, oh no!

So the first big difference in this block is the headgear in it! There will always be a shirt, but this time we also got a hat which Andy claimed the moment the box was opened. Fans of the Metal Gear Solid series will probably be familiar with the High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, and with this very cool and very comfy hat you can look like a member of it too! It’s also just stylish, it’s a very handsome hat to add to most casual attire even if you aren’t into MGS. A winner right here.

Well hello there. Nothing better than more Legend of Zelda stuff to add to the ever growing shrine to the franchise Andy and I have built over the last few years. It’s important to note that each Block I’ve received so far has had at least one Zelda related item in it so far. This little jar is adorable, and with the reputation the glass bottles have in the Zelda games it’s really awesome to receive one, and I only wish I had also received my original Block that was sent out so I could have had TWO to add to the collection. Alas, I fear a broken one of these was probably the reason a new one got deployed. A shame, a shame…

This may very well be going straight into my car. I’ve never been one of those people to put stickers on the bumper or wind shields or hang things from the windows. Being a big fan of the Mario Kart series may just be the tipping point for me, as this is not only hilarious but just downright cool. A decade back not nearly as many people would understand the reference and the joke within it about the alluded threat of packing blue shells on the road, but these days this is a sign I’m giddy to display.

The last couple of items, as always, are still cool even if they don’t strike me the way the highlighted items above did. We the feature image of the block is a South Park figurine from the Stick of Truth game. I got the Grand Wizard Cartman in my block, and I think the only one I might have preferred would have been Kyle.

The other doodad in the box was a wooden magnet that says KickPunch on it. It’s neat, I just have no context for it. On mah fridge it goes.

So that’s my late review for my late box of nerdy game goodies. What did you think of the May Arcade Block? Do you think this is an example of a good deal? Leave me a comment and let me know!

See you all next time!

– Qeeko

  • As you’ve already aptly explained, I am also very happy with this block. The FOXHOUND hat is so comfy, the blue shall on board sign kicks ass, though I don;t think I necessarily want to put it in our car, the sun is likely to bleach it pretty quickly.

    The t-shirt is really awesome, very nostalgic!

    And there’s nothing bad about getting more Zelda loot, a really cool box!