You Got Mail! #5 – June Arcade Block


Well that was quick wasn’t it? As soon as I had the May unboxing up the June Block banged on my door.

YGM017 The first thing about this box to be noticed when holding it is that it’s very light. That’s because at least three of the items are flat and pretty weightless in their own right. It may seem like this block is a gip as a result, but really when all loot is accounted for, it was still a very reasonable haul.

The T-shirt will always take up space, it’s not that heavy but it does cushion some of the other things from breaking each other. Included in the block this time was another issue of RETRO magazine which is pretty cool, reading material will certainly take up some time and is a departure from just receiving knick knacks.

What the magazine was keeping flat was a print, and this puzzled me as well is intrigued me. If you’re at all familiar with Metroid then the imagery in the print itself will make itself pretty obvious. It’s very well drawn and is an amazing scenery shot. What’s disappointing those is just how washed out and dull the black ink is, making it actually rather difficult to look at as the contrast just isn’t good enough. A bit of a shame.

The other flat thing was a COEXIST bumper sticker. I’ve seen a number of these in many variations, probably even a gaming one too. While neat, I don’t really see myself putting the sticker on my car. The Blue Shell on Board sign? Oh absolutely, but this sticker is just a bit big for my tastes.

so let’s move on to the real highlights of the block!

I haven’t worn a watch in years and neither has Andy. With a nifty little thing like this though, one of us just might just start.

Not as part of any racing game in particular but rather inspired by racing gaming in general, this cool speedy looking light up watch is an Arcade Block exclusive item (notice the schmancy tin) and tells time with multiple dash gages. It’s pretty fricken sweet, and clearly the value of this watch makes up for the abundance of dead tree in this month’s block.


I don’t think it’s a question of whether anyone exists who might not like Portal, but the little warning symbols for each testing room have become immortalized in gaming culture almost as much as a certain weighted squarish comrade. They’re amusing, they’re awesome, and now they can be stuck on your fridge. I might even use them as warning! “Do not bang head on upper door when crouching to see into lower door.” “Kitchen is a no go zone.” “This refrigerator possess cake.”

It’s not always a lie, get over it.

Is Team Fortress 2 still relevant? It would seem so, and it’s still an actively played game that folks get excited for when in-game additions and upgrades are made available.

Are the NES box art image mash ups still relevant? I would argue not, in most cases, as I’ve seen so many that I’ve become quite bored of the concept.

Well this one has me interested, and in all fairness is a pretty cool design. I like the use of TF2’s own in game branding as well as the Balloonicorn edition. I have no idea what Balloonicorn is, but clearly I need it when playing the world’s best hat simulator.

So that’s it for June! What did you think of this month’s selection? Do you agree with my assessment? Leave me some comments! Until next time!

– Qeeko