You Got Mail! #6 – July Arcade Block


Hi everyone, I’m back and although it’s a little late, I’m still here with a new unboxing, and I’m sure more than a few of you are familiar with the sting of real life encroaching on cool creative stuff and hobbies.

YGM021 So before I received the Block for the August edition of Arcade Block, I was already preparing myself for a chance of disappointment. I get these handy dandy emails every week or so hinting at the gear I should be expecting in each new block being filled over the course of a month, and for my six months receiving the block, I knew it would only be a matter of time before the inevitable happened: I got sent a Pop! figure.

“What’s the big deal?”, I hear you ask. Honestly I find the entire trend and global fascination quite baffling. More than ever we live in an age where plastic crap could net you a fortune and companies still crop up everywhere with some new sculpt of a pop culture icon, no doubt this being a big clever point of the branding Pop! for these desk and shelf clutterers. Me, I don’t dig them. I don’t really like their design in general, and knowing that they’ve become a new staple of modern day nerd-dom I knew I’d end up with one sooner or later. One of the biggest issues I have with this is the sheer number of these things that exist, and so, it was more than likely I’d also get one I either don’t want, but worse, really dislike.

I got a character called Val, from the game Evolve released earlier this year. Thanks to work, I’ve been so removed from a lot of the year’s high end gaming that I actually had to look this one up.

But that’s just this chunky plastic box filler. It’s just as well that the other few items were either flat or pretty small.The small thing included this month was a 3-pack of rubber “Nommies”, little collectible figures from the game Cut the Rope, and while cute, I feel they were a useless and rather crappy addition. One of the flat things actually fits into that category I always favour, the Useful items, but this month I’m rather torn over the application of these NES cartridge themed video game coasters. I love them, I’d love to use them, EXCEPT they are made of cardboard and would be ruined from use. The collector in me is winning the fight over the nerdy housewife… And then, the other two flat things actually sit at polar ends of my enjoyment so far for this block.

YGM022 The first being another Arcade Block exclusive album of videogame and pop culture themed music, from the composers DJ Organic and Mega Ran.

I’ve been building up a happy collection of video game music these days with several albums by the band Kirby Krackle, I have then picked up things like the official Sm4sh and Mario Kart 8 soundtracks, and the Arcade Block’s exclusive version of Video Games Live, the gaming music orchestra album with tracks only available if you get Arcade Block.

So suffice to say, for me a highlight is when I get music in these boxes as it only gives me more content to listen to, and it one of the best ways to make me feel I’ve received my money’s worth, not just filled my desk with junk.

It’s true that Coin Op Crush by DJ Organic and Mega Ran is largely unknown to me, but video game homage music made with love can rarely go wrong. At the end of the day I have some new material to listen to, and may even do a review on it in the future.

YGM023What I did try to review was this Arcade Block exclusively covered #1 of Sonic Worlds Unite: Battles.

Yeah, I know, “What the hell is that meant to be?” Well anyone who’s been following the Archie run of Sonic the Hedgehog and the more recent Mega Man series might be aware of the crossover event of Worlds Unite. No prizes for any guesses here what that’s all about… But what the two one-shot issues of Worlds Unite: Battles does is present three separate encounters from the event and plays out the fight, because they apparently didn’t have enough pages in the main run… And if you are like me, and haven’t been following these events, then attempting to read these unrelated, no context fight scenes will only confuse and frustrate you out of no godly clue what’s going on.

And it’s a shame, I love all things Mega Man and I’m even pretty partial to Sonic, hard not to love a speedster right? But this… thing, not only fails to really explain what this supplement battle collection is really there for, but honestly, it’s dreadfully written. The dialogue is beyond lame or corny, the sequences of events don’t flow very well, and for passable to borderline decent art that I’ve always loved about the Archie run of Mega Man and Sonic comics, it really failed to grab me. This one off book did not make me want to go looking for this series, and I feel it was a pretty big fail on Arcade Block’s part to include this. I was going to try and review this book, but I can barely stand to READ it all the way through.

Finally, aside from one chunk of plastic figurine and a bunch of flat, stackable stuff, I also got an extra shirt this time. As you know by now if you’ve made it through six of these unboxing articles, every block has a shirt and every now and then there are two. One is a caution sign for the Last of Us fungus zombies, and the other is a sweet Darth Vader reaper themed shirt. I think both of these are more up Andy’s alley but hey, more shirts is good.

So that’s the July Block. It’s not been my favorite one so far, I’ll be honest here; It IS a random box of gear. I know this, but I can definitely say that the Nerd Block team failed to really impress me, or even excite me this time around. I could have not received this block and not really missed it. What do you think? Do you get the Arcade Block? What other subscription boxes do you get, if any?

Leave me some comments! Until next time, take care!