Badly News: 14th September, 2015


Hey there ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome back to Badly.Productions, there have been a few changes to the site recently as I’m sure you can see. I want to take a moment to explain these changes and why they are happening.

For a while now, Badly.Productions has been rather scattered in it’s focus. Well, I say scattered, it really hasn’t had any focus, the general mantra is for contributors to write about anything they want, and while that works for the most part, creating an open and diverse list of interests, that anyone can enjoy, it seems that a lot of new comers are getting lost in the avalanche of of choice, and how certain topics are list under a pile of a lot of the same. It’s overwhelming some times.

Badly.Productions was designed to be a general geek culture website, and that is what it’s going to stay, but with a little more structure in the future.

Firstly, the home page is currently only displaying the most recent 4 posts, plus an announcement. This will change in the future to only the most recent THREE and an announcement. The reason for this is, that we will be holding to a set three update per week schedule, for Badly.Productions material, posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This schedule will cover multiple topics over a four week cycle, ranging from movies, to anime, to table top games, to comics, etc. So we’ll still have the wide range of topics, but set up in a way that is easy to follow.

The concern that I’ve had in doing this is restricting the sort of topics individuals want to write about. With that in mind is why I have made a distinction between Badly.Productions projects, and Personal Projects. Aside from the three weekly projects that will be displayed at the top of the homepage, individual creators are encouraged to write their own articles, reviews etc, for non-standard topics, in their own sections, which can be found below the main three listings.

So these projects are not lost or hidden below everything else, the slider at the top of the page will display the most recent NINE updates, this will include Personal Projects and Badly.Productions Projects.

This may sound difficult to wrap your head around, but the best thing to take from this update, is that I have a plan, I know what I’m aiming for and the site has been altered accordingly.

Despite the change in the aesthetic of Badly.Productions there won’t be a major change to the background systems, until the end of the “Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe?” project reaches it’s conclusion.


You may have noted that I also didn’t mention anything to do with gaming, which has been my speciality over the past few years. The reason for this is because Gaming is way too big a project, to be considered just a part of general geek culture. When I’m having a good week, it’s very easy for me to out post everyone else two to one, as I bombard the site with loads of posts relating to various games announcements, game reviews, top tens and industry news, etc. that it looks like I’m the only poster. I guess to some extent that’s fine, provided it’s not completely burring good work by others, which has been the case in the past.

So to further develop gaming as a topic and to allow the gaming content to flow, there will be a new website starting up around the same time that the switch over occurs, called Pixel.Café, which will be the first in a new line of websites as a part of the new Badly.Network. But more on that later.

Pixel.Café itself will be a games dedicated website, and all of the Badly.Productions contributors will also be able to post on Pixel.Café. The site is currently under development and more will be explained closer to the release date.


Finally, I want to talk a little about “Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe?”. Despite having no updates in the past couple of months, the project has not been abandoned. Instead due to issues in members personal lives, and the loss of a member from the team, we went on hiatus. That hiatus will be lifted soon, once members, myself included, are able to get back on the horse and start pumping out articles again. I repeat the project has NOT been abandoned, and it will be concluded before the end of this year!


That’s all the news we have right now, but keep an eye out as we keep you up to date with what’s happening in the future!


See you all later!