You Got Mail! – Dec Arcade Block


Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2016 and I’m starting over with a new Unboxing series for Arcade Block, the gaming themed mystery loot box from Nerd Block, and I’m not going to waste your time explaining away why I suddenly stopped updating. The short answer is life got busy, and something had to give. I even wrote out the August 2015 review in full, but never got around to taking the photos.

So here we are kicking off with the December 2015 block that only arrived yesterday on January 12th. This mid month arrival is largely due to the international shipping time and frankly they couldn’t get everything posted before Christmas.

dec01Now then, what’s in here? With the exception of the Last of Us item that the folks over at Nerd Block continued to hype over the course of December, it seems that for Christmas we’ve been treated with a Box o’ Exclusives. Looking through the handy little feature card, it seems every item was made exclusively for this Block, starting with an awesome little casino card deck themed on classic Nintendo games, and the card box is even a neat little Game Boy design. This is great either as just a collectible or to have something fun and geeky for poker night.

Another really cool little thing in here is a notepad themed on an arcade machine, specifically a fictional alien cat game. There’s two ways I can have make use of this, either as a typical note pad or actually drawing in my own little game screens as the cover has a hole cut out of it.

There’s awesome exclusive wearables too, including the Just Cause 3 shirt from Shirt Punch. Shirt Punch have a special relationship with Nerd Block and nearly all the shirts come through them, and so exclusive shirts are somewhat common. This one highlights the famous in-game life hacking grappling hook, and although I haven’t played the Just Cause series at all it’s most definitely on my to do list of 2016 gaming. I can just be extra schmancy while doing it.


One of my favorite items in here though is the other cool wearable item, and Andy has already claimed dibs on it. He’s a way bigger fan of Street Fighter than I am though so I’m okay with this. This huge Street Fighter V embroidery patch would look so freaking cool on a jacket sleeve or something like that, so we’re thinking very hard about where to put it or maybe even buying him a new jacket just for this. It’s got amazing detail, and just looks so cool.

dec02 dec04

The other Useful Item is a small metal tin in the shape of an arcade machine, specifically Space Invaders. Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Oh that thing, it’s a box of mints, right?” I know why you’d think that, I have one of those as well, but this one is larger and with a slot in the top. That’s right, it’s a friggin’ coin box!


I love stuff like this, I like decor and wearable stuff but I especially love things that I can make use of in my day to day life, as opposed to chunks of plastic to take up space on my desk.


And, well, speaking of chunky clutter… The only real disappointment with this box is the Last of Us figurines, which, all the power to ya if you’re a fan of this … “design”, but me, I am hugely turned off and baffled by it. I’ve seen a few things but Titan Merchandise and I really just can’t get behind it, it’s a design that’s so wholely unappealing to me, I don’t understand this realistic styled sculpt for the heads only for them to be attached to simplistic mascot like little bodies. They’re so chalk and cheese that I am already offering the stupid things to every friend I know. So far most of them haven’t been too thrilled by the figures either.

There was also this thing in here, another little gift from Arcade Block in the form of a $3USD of gift credit for the digital game website G2A.com . Now honestly, I’ve never heard of them, but it is pretty neat how visiting the page will have it automatically change to your region’s currency – a pretty good sign of what countries they tailor to. It’s nice I guess, but taking a look at it, I probably won’t be signing up to it any time soon to use all of $3.

So that’s it! It’s nice to be back, and hopefully you all had a safe and happy holiday. I’ll see you again in a month for the next unboxing.