Let Us Play: 2016-02-07


Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, welcome back to the Congregation of the Game, I’m Andy Frogman, AKA The Priest of Gamers, and this is the all-new Let Us Play! As this is a rehash of my older series, for old and new readers alike, I just want to give a quick and simple run down of what this series is about.

Gaming is a huge industry, and it’s regularly in the news and discussed in online media. In this new Let Us Play series, I will be looking at between three and seven news stories from the previous week, and give my thoughts on the stories as they are reported, the games themselves and what it means for the company, the console or the industry as a whole. Most if not all of my news stories will be based around Nintendo, their games and third party games released on their systems, but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about anything else. It depends on what strikes me as important, or that I feel I have something to say about.

Something that is important to remember is that the games, dates, content, ratings and schedules are all based on my personal understanding from my particular region. I live in Australia, and as such I will be talking from and Australian/European perspective. Sometimes if I can easily find confirmation of any of this information for other regions then I will include it, but I can’t guarantee to be able to list all the information for all regions. Please understand.

So with that in mind, dear siblings… LET US PLAY!


Photos of the Wolf Link Amiibo that’s being released with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, has already copped a lot of flack. Many people claiming that the only thing that the Amiibo does is make the game easier, or trap content behind a cheap toy pay wall. Then a good, close up photo was revealed of the Amiibo and the internet lost its collective mind. Criticisms went from the Amiibo’s functionality, to its appearance. The tweet that stands out to me was by Chadtronic:


I recently made my own tweet, regarding Amiibo. A joke that people think I’m biased towards to the Nintendo Toys-To-Life range, but at first I had to agree with the criticisms, this Amiibo looked awful. However, subsequent photos have shown it to be a lot better quality than first believed.


This Amiibo is actually looking to be a lot better than people have been expecting. I’ve had the game on pre-order for a while now, and I was intending to do a review of the Amiibo when it came out because of this concern. I’ll also see if I can get a friend of mine to take some nice high quality photos for the review too.


alldlccharactersThis past week saw the release of what we are told is the final set of DLC for the party fighting game Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. New characters Corrin and Bayonetta hit the scene, plus Bayonetta’s stage the Umbra Clock tower and a slew of new Mii Fighter Costumes.  In addition, for anyone who has yet to buy any DLC from Smash, there are two new bundles added, the Fighter Bumper Bundle, which includes all DLC fighters and their personal stages (Suzaku Castle, Midgar, and Umbra Clock Tower) and a Stage Bundle which includes the five DLC stages, Dream Land 64, Hyrule Castle 64, Peach’s Castle 64, Super Mario Maker and Pirate Ship (Brawl). Note: that the Pirate Ship level is only available on the Wii U, but the prices have been adjusted for accordingly.

It’s kind of sad though. I think we’ve all had our hearts set on some returning characters and some new characters being revealed, but for now it seems that the DLC has come to an end.

I personally have a theory though. If it’s true that Smash Brothers will be a release title on the NX, a rumour that is at least in part substantiated by the fact that Bandai Namco are still working on Smash Brothers, and Masahiro Sakurai is working on a thus far undisclosed project, then I think that it’s more likely to be a port of the current game, rather than a new one. I believe that the game will have all the DLC on the disk as a “Complete Edition”, plus a few more characters thrown in as an incentive. So with that release, we may likely see another set of Smash DLC following it’s release.

It’s just a theory. A Game Theor- *sued*


mother3I want to start by saying, I am not going to be posting a news report every time there is a rumour about Mother 3. However, following the Wii U Virtual Console release of Mother, or Earthbound Beginnings, on the eShop last year, it stands to reason that Nintendo may be looking into expanding the Mother/Earthbound series in the West.

Messages have been mixed to say the least concerning this game. Back at E3 2014, during the Nintendo Digital Event, fans were surprised to find Nintendo acknowledge the fan demand for Mother 3. On the other hand the message seemed to be “Yeah, we heard you, now please stop asking about it.” Before E3 2015, rumour had been going around that Mother 3 was being translated, but instead it turned out to be Earthbound Beginnings, even still this gave people hope that Mother 3 would eventually see the light of day.

Recently Twitter user @Emi1yRogers, well known for Nintendo related leaks, made a pair of Tweets, the first of the clay figure of the character Kumatora from Mother 3, with nothing but a smiley face and the hashtag “#2016”.  The second, though now removed, supposedly stated not to be surprised if Nintendo celebrated a 10th Anniversary this year. At the moment there’s nothing to go on, Nintendo have done really well at covering their tracks when it comes to leaks like this. Even if someone is correct, chances are that aside from their word, there won’t be any supporting evidence.


Really though the only thing that makes this credible is the fact that it is the 10th Anniversary of the release of Mother 3 in Japan, meaning that I imagine Nintendo will do SOMETHING for the game. Whether this means a localisation to the west or a Japanese re-release, is completely unknown.

All in all, be hopeful, but don’t get too excited just yet.


mynintendoNintendo have finally announced their replacement for the now defunct Club Nintendo, My Nintendo as well as their first mobile app, Miitomo.

My Nintendo will be similar to Club Nintendo in that you will accumulate points via the purchase of games. However, that is just one of many ways points are collected, and the similarities seem to end. There are two types of points collected.

Platinum Points are collected by using Nintendo’s mobile phone games and apps, such as Miitomo (which I’ll get into in a minute), reaching certain in game objectives like an achievements system, and just logging into the eShop. These points can be used for what Nintendo called “Digital Goods and Content”. While we don’t know at the moment what digital goods and content they are talking about, based on the description for Gold Points, we can assume that we aren’t talking about games or Add-on DLC for games. While it’s not been mentioned, I assume that Platinum Points will also be a purchasable premium currency, like Gems in Guild Wars 2,Riot points for League of Legends, or PLEX in EVE.

Gold Points on the other hand are collected by buying games on the eShop, and these points go towards discounts on other games. There’s no mention of product codes or registering hard copy products, which could be a push towards a more digital market in the future. I do tend to buy a fair few indy titles so getting an extra reward for supporting independent developers and publishers is not a bad thing in my opinion.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed by the lack of the physical goods like the old Club Nintendo, but we need to look at this for what it is, a much different system than the old one, and who knows, Nintendo could include physical goods in the future.

My Nintendo launches in March.


miitomoMiitomo is a first of its kind app, produced by Nintendo for the Mobile Market. We first heard about Miitomo back in October last year, when Nintendo announced the first five Nintendo made mobile games that were being made, but very few details were given on their intentions for the product. After the Nintendo investors meeting on February 3rd, more has been revealed about Miitomo, but details are still thin on the ground.

Miitomo is a social app with which you will interact with other friends who also have Miitomo, but don’t think this is anywhere close to being as robust a social experience as Facebook or Twitter. From what I’ve seen and read, the game comes off as a very, VERY bare bones Tomodachi Life, with a function similar to Streetpass Plaza, where your Miis can interact without any direct input from you, with other friends Miis, by sending short messages and asking questions. Initially at the October investors meeting it was described as a way of sharing information and starting up conversations with others, that maybe you wouldn’t normally share, if you are shy for example. That’s not to say it spits out random information to all and sundry, only information you wish your Miis to communicate.

The newst feature to be revealed is Miifoto. Which will allow you to take photos of your Miis during various activities, to share with friends and to social media.

Mitomo is also going to be connected to the new My Nintendo rewards platform, which will enhance the gaming experience. My thoughts on this are that you’ll be able to use Miitomo to gain Platinum Points, and use said points to buy costumes and maybe other decorations like furniture, effects and the like for your Miitomo game.

Unfortunately, the game only seems to be coming out on Android and iOS, but not Windows, which is what I have. So I won’t be able to much by way of a follow up to this, except for regurgitating second hand information. None the less, I’m keeping an eye out, this has the potential to be interesting, but ultimately, this is Nintendo feeling out the new terrain of the mobile market, I’m not expecting great things from day one.



  • When Nintendo added Wii Games to the eShop, one of their first games to re-release was Mario Galaxy 2. It’s a great game don’t get me wrong, but uh… Mario Galaxy? Finally, it’s been released this  past week.
  • The critically SLAMMED Space Hulk has been released on the Nintendo eShop. I highly recommend avoiding this one. If you are itching for some Space Hulk though, check out Space Hulk Ascension on Steam, which is the updated and fixed version of the game they have just released on the eShop.
  • Oh yeah, and I know I usually focus on Nintendo, but I’m told some game that people like called XCOM 2 is out. So exciting 😛


I want to apologise before I go, in the previous article I stated that there would be a follow up article, which I never released, and now I won’t be releasing it.

Occasionally I will also be releasing a one off article called Let Us Play: Addendum, in which I’ll be tackling a story, or an event that’s too big for a short and shared news segment, or if it’s something I want to go into more detail upon. I had one of these articles written and lined up to be released, on the topic of Fire Emblem Fates and Censorship. However, I was stupid to think that I would be listened to, or that there wouldn’t be people who would be angry at what I posted and would try to silence me using threats and shaming tactics. It’s worked.

I am a moderate, but I’ve always supported the good that GamerGate has done, I am pro-freedom of speech and anti-censorship, I am a ready and willing advocate for consumers and developers. However, I am also not going to deprive myself of an experience I feel that I am going to enjoy based on a hardline agenda. You can oppose censorship and still enjoy a game that has been censored. Sometimes there isn’t another option available to an individual, and life is too short to not simply enjoy yourself.

When I saw someone being told to kill themselves for saying that they don’t really care about the things that have been removed from the game, I made the mistake of stepping into the conversation and expressed my disappointment that people we attacking him for what all consumer rights advocates are supposed to be fighting for, the freedom to choose.

I too was attacked and belittled. I was told to kill myself and that I didn’t deserve to be in the gene pool, all because I gave a dissenting opinion. Now I don’t want to talk about this any further. People claiming to be against censorship have bullied me into silence, all because I want to play a game.

As I posted on Twitter and Facebook:

“Authoritarianism and extremism, from the left or the right, from the progressives or conservatives, from SJWs and from GamerGate, is STILL authoritarianism and extremism. You are still trying to take away peoples choices, and invariably you use the same method. You make it impossible for a discussion to be had, and then claim a win when people back down out of frustration.”

Some people will stand up to tyranny, but can’t see it when it’s in themselves.

That’s all for this week, I’m going to go sit in a darken doom and feel sorry for myself. I’ll be back again next Saturday (hopefully on time) with a new Let Us Play.

Until then brothers and sisters, be excellent to each other. Love each other. Look for the things that make you similar not the things that make you different. It’s not worth the hassle.

Above all, I wish you Peace and Highscores…