Let Us Play: 2016-03-15


“You can’t break a man the way you do a dog or a horse,
the harder you beat a man, the taller he stands.”
-The Jackal (Far Cry 2)

Brothers and sisters of the congregation of the Game, welcome back. This weeks quote up above is dedicated to the development team at Lionhead Studios. This update will be a little bit different as I’ll be covering stories from the past two weeks instead of just this week. If you’ve been keeping up with my articles, last week I released part one of my look at the Nintendo Direct, part two is still on the way, I have been working straight through this week preparing my new PC, and salvaging all my work from my old one.

I bought my previous PC almost exactly a year ago, but I’m having so many issues with it crashing and generally becoming unstable, that I didn’t feel like I could continue to risk using it for my articles. This new one is a pretty good gaming PC, and so far, I’ve not had any issues. If you want to check out my rig you can find it here.

So once again, there have been some delays, but I’ll be catching up with that very soon.

So without further ado, dear siblings, Let Us Play!


Project Giant Robot

giantrobotLast week I didn’t update Let Us Play because of the Nintendo Direct (Part two is coming soon, I swear to Her Grace, Hylia), and in the Direct we discovered the fate of Project Guard, done up and expanded upon, to be packaged as a Star Fox spin off game. In that article I made mention that despite this game being made, we still don’t know what became of the second concept project that Shigeru Miyamoto brought to E3 2014, Project Giant Robot.

The concept project was set to be released last year, but we heard nothing of it despite it being one of the most heavily pushed games at that E3, which saw Reggie Fils-Amie and a Shigeru Miyamoto controlled Bill Trinen box bot, duking it out on the E3 floor, and gave birth to the Fils-a-mech adverts, which quickly made meme status.

While it may seem that Project Giant Robot is out for the count, Shigeru Miyamoto himself doesn’t seem to agree, saying in an interview with Time:

“Project Giant Robot was something we started as a second project, and unfortunately we haven’t yet decided to turn that into a full game.”

It’s Miyamoto-san’s use of “yet” that is a good sign, or at very least, is a much better sign than the silence we’ve had since that E3.

When Shigeru Miyamoto puts his mind into new and innovative concepts, whether they are hit or miss is irrelevant, they are always interesting, and always unique, and you can’t make new strides in gaming without taking risks. That’s why after all this time, Nintendo are still in the game. They take risks, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but every time, it’s interesting. Miyamoto-san, embodies that principle of Nintendo. I look forward to seeing Project Giant Robot coming to console in due time.


Nintendo Land!!

nintendolandNintendo and Universal Studios Japan, have released details about the Nintendo themed attractions in the Osaka Universal Studios theme park. The budget that has been revealed is a whopping $400 million US, which is only $50million short of the Harry Potter attraction. According to a plan that was also revealed the Nintendo Land area, will be pretty substantial. There’s no real confirmation just yet about what kind of attractions we should expect to see, and whether it’s going to include a number of Nintendo franchises, or just Super Mario.

Personally, I think it might be a good idea for Nintendo and Universal to focus on elements from various videos games, have the main layout of the park look like a Mario Party board, with some attractions around related to multiple franchises. Like a small forested area, with the Pedestal of the Master Sword, from A Link to the Past for people to take photographs with, a go-cart track in the shape of one of the tracks from Mario Kart, a laser-tag rollercoaster where you shoot incoming hologram Metroids, and a Haunted House attraction in the style of Luigi’s Haunted Mansion.

The park is slated to be open by 2020, I guess I’ll see you there!


Ubisoft and the curious case of Beyond Good and Evil 2!

beyondgande2Last week it was revealed by a leaker of high repute, who goes by the name Geno, that Nintendo would be funding Ubisoft to produce the sequel to the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil, in a similar move to how they funded Platinum Games in exchange for the exclusive rights to Bayonetta 2. The rumour came out through the website Destructoid, and suggested that Beyond Good and Evil 2: The Prejudice of Philosophers, which has been canned and revived multiple times since E3 2008, would be an NX exclusive set for release in 2017.

However, the plot thickens. This week, following the release of the Destructoid article, news started circulating that Ubisoft themselves, had made moves towards Destructoid, to have the article removed. This news spread around the internet like a wild fire with a number of outlets who are keeping an eye on news about the game, writing articles and philosophising what the take down notice might mean for the game. Do Ubisoft or Nintendo want to keep information about the game quiet?

As it turns out though, Destructoid has since put up a notice at the behest of the Ubisoft UK’s Public Relations Representative, stating that it was NOT Ubisoft that issued requests to have the article taken down, but the wording suggests that such requests were received.

“Update: On request of a Ubisoft UK PR rep, I am clarifying that any requests made to take down this story were not sent by Ubisoft’s official PR departments. Any prior statements suggesting Ubisoft were behind requests for this story to be removed should be dismissed”

– Destructoid

Does this mean that it was Nintendo that requested the take down of this article, or was it some other party, pretending to be an official representative?

I’m really hoping that rumours about Beyond Good and Evil 2 are true. For what little of the riginal game I played, I really enjoyed. Beyond Good and Evil has recently received a face lift, and the thought of it receiving the Bayonetta treatment, for release on either the Wii U or NX, is fantastic news. I’m looking forward to more news on this, hopefully with confirmations!


Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Reveal!


Back on February 17th, I reported on a vexing image that was revealed by Sonic Team on twitter containing the mysterious message:

“Hello Hugo

The secret is inside the empire

We can get it back

The fated son of Daedalus

Add the numbers”

These lines are all clues relating to an album by the DJ Madeon, and the numbers referred to in the last line, are the track numbers, that add up to 42. For a month, people have been wondering what this all means, and we may just get an answer on March 19th, as SEGA are holding a Sonic 25th Anniversary panel at South By South West (SXSW2016). The panel will be hosted by Yuji Naka, the original creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, Takashi Iizuka, the current head of Sonic Team, Roger Smith, the voice actor for Sonic, Mike Pollock, the voice actor for Dr. Eggman, and Austin Keys and Aaron Webber from SEGA.

The panel will look back over the 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, and will look forward to the future of the blue blur, hopefully revealing a new Sonic game that is worthy of this prestigious legacy. Let’s face facts here, Sonic has been pretty bad for a long time, save for a few hidden gems. It’s time to get Sonic the Hedgehog back on track!


Farewell to Lionshead Studios

fablelegendsLast week Microsoft announced that Fable Legends a game highly anticipated by the community had been cancelled, completely out of the blue. More than that, the award winning British developers of the game Lionhead Studios, the team responsible for the Fable and Black and White franchises, were being shut down entirely. It’s always a sad day when good development studios are shut down, but tragically, there’s more to this story.

As it turns out, Lionshead studios were not told that they were being shut down, until the day it was publically announced. The team had been continuing their work on Fable Legends all the way up to its sudden cancellation. Not even just the same day, but all the way up to the last minute. Creative Director at Lionshead Studios, David Eckelberry, had this to say when asked about it on Twitter:


Just to give you some more of an idea of who late the team were informed, the Community Manager for Fable Legends posted this, is response to someone who asked about delays:

“Whilst we are well aware there is an eagerness for people to have more information and for everyone to play the game, we don’t want to rush something out that will disappoint. We’re taking the time and effort to really review feedback and data and update and improve the game based upon that. Sure, that means a few delays along the way but ultimately it’s better to have a late but good game than an instant but not as good as it could be game.”

Then just around five hours later, and Xbox Wire posted this article, which included the following announcement.

“After much consideration we have decided to cease development on Fable Legends, and are in discussions with employees about the proposed closure of Lionhead Studios in the UK.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, some rumours claim that the public may have even been made aware of the cancellation of the game, and the studios closure, just before or at the same time as the Lionshead team, as the above Xbox Wire post, supposedly went live at the same time that the team was in the meeting to inform them that they were fired.

This is absolutely disgusting, and extremely poor business practices. It’s left a number of developers out of jobs, and confused, without any kind of warning. As David Eckelberry wrote on Twitter the following day:


Says it all really…


And Finally…

Sorry to end on a downer my brothers and sisters, these past few weeks have been a little slow for news, especially when you’re grading on a curve like I do to get the best news, and the news that I feel I can lend my two cents to. In addition to what’s here I post more news regularly on my Facebook page, and Twitter page, though a word of warning, my Twitter account is a little more politically charged. So if that doesn’t interest you, maybe best avoid that one.

However, that’s not the end for this week. You may remember that I said if there was a particular story that interested me, I would write a full article on that one particular story, under the title Let Us Play: Addendum. As it happens, I already have an Addendum prepared for this week, and I’ll be posted within the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that one!

Thank you all for reading my dear siblings, I will see you all next time!

Peace and High Scores to you all!