All New First Issues #12


Hello Everyone and welcome to All New First Issues, the weekly number ones review show! This is my first outing on [Badly.Productions] and I’m really glad to be here! I look forward to working with the other members and I hope that this partnership can bring in lots of new viewers and readers, for all the content here, and mine, of course! To everyone who have no idea who I am, I’m the Archivist and I produce Comic Book review videos among other geekery! So without further ado, this is the list for the First Issue’s released for the week starting Monday May 18th, 2016!

  • Deadpool: Last Days of Magic
  • Archangel
  • Brutal Nature
  • Tank Girl
  • Mae
  • Junior Braves
  • Worlds of Aspen 2016
  • Future Quest

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