All New First Issues #14

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Welcome back to All New First Issues, the weekly #1s comic review show! We’ve got the start of the Civil War II event, which spoiler ill not be positive. Spider-Women Omega comes to a close, some amazing comics from Dynamite and Zenescope, I once again gush over Aftershock Comics, and then we have a slew from DC and the DC Rebirth first wave, which range from “that was amazing great” to me squeeing over Black Canary and Green Arrow in a book together to “stay the coarse, Batman.” So all in all great week for comics, even if we start off a bit negative.


The books of the week are:

  • Civil War II
  • Spider-Women Omega
  • Timely Comics (Carnage, Inhumans, ANAD Avengers)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink
  • The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane
  • Control
  • The Revisionist
  • Snow White Vs. Snow White
  • Superman Rebirth
  • Green Lanterns Rebirth
  • Green Arrow Rebirth
  • Batman Rebirth


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