Badly News: March 2015


Whatever Happened To the DC New Universe? Updates!

Since the beginning of January, nine members of the Badly.Productions contributors and back-enders, have been working tirelessly on this huge project. The project seems to be going so well with very few updates missed, or delayed, everyone has thrown themselves into the project headlong and are consistently providing amazing work that I’m so happy to have up on the site. Last month I extolled Professor Badger for putting in remarkable amounts of effort, being able to cover for me when I was falling apart in my schedule, as well as keeping up to date with his own monthly update and at the same time expanding with a second weekly format project. Beyond that Badger has impressed me with a number of great ideas about the direction of Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe? and after a long discussion, he has taken on the role of Project Operations Manager – making sure that everyone is up to date, has access to the files that they need, and are appropriately communicating about their projects. Because of this I think Season 2 of the project, will be even better than Season 1.

Which brings me to the Seasons. On the 27th March, Season 1 of Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe? will be coming to an end. By the end of these three months we would have reviewed thirty three of the fifty two comics that were released starting in September 2011.

It may seem strange to some, that now in 2015 we are reviewing comics from 2011 and 2012. I agree that on the face of it, it seems really odd. However there is a good reason for this. Back in 2011 and 2012, there was still a lot of shock and controversy relating to the fact that there was a reboot at all. Some people like myself were cheering that this was a good thing, allowing for new stories and new directions for the characters, that wouldn’t be hamstrung by past continuity. Personally, a full universal reboot, is far better, than pretending a certain event never happened for the sake of a story. Retcons annoy me.

For every fan cheering for something new though, there was a handful of people who could only see one thing: change, and it was bad. This gave some hugely polarising reviews, either falling in the category of hugely optimistic, or hugely pessimistic. While there were a number of good reviews, and it was easy to see that serious thought and effort went into them, Brian Heinz: The Last Angry Geek for example, did a number of great videos looking at the comics around the same time Qeeko, Wasusa and I were writing the initial articles, there were far more reviews that were heavily influenced by their personal perspective on the reboot as a whole.

Now it’s just over three years later, and everything has settled down, there are still some who hold to those stubborn opinions about the reboot, but for the most part people have settled into the new groove, and are enjoying a number of books in the DCnU. Now I feel is a good time to take a look at the world that has been forged from a perspective of balance and open mindedness, not affected by a recent universe changing event.

Whatever Happened to the DC New Universe? will start up again on the 2nd June, with season 2 of the project. However there will be some changes to the format as I mentioned above. A number of times in the project so far I’ve noticed that two people will go on at length about the exact same thing. This was most notable for me in the Batwoman review that I wrote with Cinna At Heart. Not having a direct collaborative connection with the other reviewer. The idea was originally that both people would write reviews and the reader would contrast and compare the perspectives. In the end this has just ended up being rather redundant. So we’re working on that to start with, with better communications between the members.

Next we will be changing the schedule from three updates per week to just two. While Badly.Productions is sop blessed to have dedicated and hard working contributors, my intention in starting this project was never to step on the toes of other creators. Yet, this has been the result. Hopefully reducing the weekly updates to two, will spread out the reviews for each individual contributor, to be able to produce their own personal project as well.

Finally, and this is the big one, we are docking all comics that were not in the original New 52 release. As I’ve mentioned previously our original plan was to get up to date with the current wave of the DCnU, but that is a ridiculous task, and I won’t take up the entire next year of our contributors projects. When we reach then end of the 52, we will move on. It’s been a fun, but exhausting run, and there is no doubt in our minds that this time we will succeed where previously we failed.


Future Projects

I have already started working with the others in discussing the future of group projects. Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe? was shaping up to be an eighteen month project at least, and I won’t be doing that again. The future of group projects currently in discussion could have us working on quarterly themed updates, such as my own Month of Horror in October or Zelda Month last November. Additionally we have considered a way of continuing the “continuity” of Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe? through a new project called “Monitor Duty”. More news on these though, as it happens.


Return to the Forumverse!

forumverse-posterSince moving from ultima-java.com to badlyproductions.com and then on to badly.productions, one of the biggest aspects of the site that was, has been left to the wayside, and that was the sense of community. To some extent I can’t allow myself to regret this, after all the site updates have been a really big deal and keeping up to date on the new site, and developing such a big project as WHttDCnU? takes it’s toll. Ultima-Java Forumverse has gone into total disrepair, and is mostly unsalvageable. However, from the darkness it returns.

I am currently in the process of not only building a new Forumverse but also constructing a continuity for the forum wide narrative that will unfold. Like before the Forumverse will have a lot of Role Play elements scattered throughout it. The aim being that the Forumverse becomes a story telling experience, with a big emphasis of creative collaborations, of various media, to weave an ongoing story withing the Forumverse.

To this end a number of comic and writing projects will return, such as Komewnitees and The Forumverse, but due to time constraints of redeveloping these projects, they won’t be available when the forum goes live.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the forum was meant to go live on the 16th of March (and I rather moronically, posted adverts for the 2nd),there will not be a Forumverse for quite some time. The site seemed to have a severe  security breach within the last week and a number of spam accounts managed to make their way on to the forum. I have deleted all of the spam content, but I’m not happy that a brand new install of the most up to date version of PHPBB would have such a horrendous security issue. As such I’m going to need a bit more time on the back end, working out what I’m going to do to prevent this. Hopefully there will be a security patch somewhere, but at the moment there is no official update from PHPBB.

I hate it when stuff like this happens and something completely out of my hands affects a release date. I’m going to make sure that the site is runnning smoothly this time before announcing the new release date.

Again, I’m so sorry, for the last second change.


On February 19th, I was working through my incredible backlog of emails (over 1000 in total since December) when I discovered a verification email from Disqus. I figured that was really odd, I don’t remember ever registering on Disqus. That’s mostly because it’s so damn simple to register to Disqus, that it’s really easy to forget that you did it, but seeing as a post to a lot of media news outlet websites, after only a moment to stop and think, I realised that yeah, of course I had a Disqus account. Actually, a lot of people probably have a Disqus account. This is where the gears started to turn.

I have attempted to have comments on [Badly.Productions] in the past. on the original website I did so with the native system, but that was prone to countless spam accounts created, as the security is lax at best, I knew I wasn’t going to try that again. Next I tried to connect using the Facebook app, but I had problems. Only a user who posted a comment could see the comments they posted. After a few days, a number of people were wondering why they were the only ones commenting, and why they were getting notifications that new comments had been posted, but nothing was being displayed. So the Facebook app was scrapped.

With this sudden discovery of Disqus though, I quickly started to do my research. It was really simple to register with a Facebook or Twitter account, the system it’s self was really easy to manage, and users can keep track of their comments from any page on the web, also as an app, Disqus themselves were the ones who created the plug-in, so it’s something much more trustworthy, than a third-party Facebook plug-in. What the hell right? I may as well give it a shot!

So with a new Badly.Productions Disqus account (you can follow us there too!) created just for this occasion, and the plug-in installed, I connected everything up, and unlike the Facebook app, it all worked first time! I quickly set about activating the comments on all of the uploaded articles, so now all articles on Badly.Productions can FINALLY all be commented on directly, with a Disqus account!


Badly.Productions Awards Program!

Each month I’m going to be recognising the excellent work put into the site by our contributors. It’s been a long time coming!

At the moment we only have two awards, but if anyone has any suggestions, there are comments now!


Every time someone reads an article, their view of that article, the individual imprint is recorded. The Article of the Month award is granted to the article that has garnered the most attention in the past month. The stipulations are simple, the article has to have been posted within the calendar month, and the highest viewed article wins.

This month the award of Article of the Month goes to The Plague Doctor and Harmonica Jay for their Whatever Happened To The DC New Universe Review of Green Lantern: Sinestro, and of course to QueenQeeko who puts her all into the Ultima Society comic, for each and every update!

This review was really deserving of this award, it’s one of my favourite reviews and it capture the purpose of having the two writers. To compare and contrast. The opinions of Plague Doc and Jay bounce back and forth giving well presented opinions about the book.

The Ultima Society comic by Qeeko is just getting more and more detailed, as more and more characters turn up. The story element in this particular strip has F.R.O.G.M.A.N.N. confused at the number of super heroes that actually exist, especially considering that as far as he was concerned, him and Wasusa were the only two. It’s amazing the people that a giant concrete T-Rex will pull out of the wood work.


semw-jan2015Such Effort Much Wow is the motto of our trusty Doge award, and goes to the person who, with their efforts, have impressed the award choosing comity, who is actually uh… just me at the moment actually.  This month I want to give the Doge Award to QueenQeeko for her consistent work on Ultima Society. Last weekend, I was in a  skype conference wish a number of the contributors, and I was taken aback by the response I received from so many people in regards to the comic. I’m not talking about a group of people saying they liked it, I’m talking about a group of contributors who have been reviewing comics every other day for the past two months, enthusiastically giving support to Qeeko for her amazing work on the comic.

I can’t let that be ignored ow can I?

So this month Qeeko, the Doge award is for you!


Thanks everyone for reading, this has been the Badly News Update!

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