Badly Play DPOne thing that is amazing about modern gaming, is that no matter what platform you use, console, PC, or even hand held, there’s always games that you can play online with others. Whether they be random people who moved in next door, or friends from half the world away. We’ve come a long way from Pong and the wires that once tethered us to a massive tube television.

We are entering an age where nearly everyone in the first world has played video games, or plays video games on a regular basis. Whether we are black, white, male, female, gay or straight, or anything in between, gaming is something that we have in common. So what batter way to build a community and forge bonds of friendship than through the love of gaming. The shared experiences of success and failure in a virtual world.

On this page you will find the schedule information for Badly.Play’s regular gaming events, as well as links to our gaming communities on Steam and Discord. In the future we’re hoping to add more game details such as a Minecraft Realm, MMO Guilds, and affiliated Let’s Play YouTube channels, but we’re going to take it slow, and make sure everything works before jumping in the deep end, so please be patient.

Regular Events

The events schedule is currently undergoing some reorganisation, and will be up as soon as possible.

Until then please continue to use Discord, as there is always someone online,
and always games to be played!

If you have any suggestions we welcome you to post them on the
[Badly.Network] Facebook Community Page or on the [Badly.Play] Steam Group.


One of the better games that Nintendo produced in 2015, was the ground breaking Super Mario Maker. Since the debut of Super Mario Bros. for the NES in 1985, gamers old and new have turned to their friends and said “You know what would make a great level?” Some of those people went on to develop ROM hacks, and make fan games based on the beloved franchise, but it was in 2014 that it was revealed that an official Mario stage builder was becoming available for the Wii U. Not just any level creator either, a game based on the level designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka developed to actually make the games.

As I write this, there are more than six million levels on the Mario Maker servers. This game has exploded!

That’s great for Nintendo, and it’s great for us, but how do we get our stages out there? There are a few facebook groups you can join, there’s the Super Mario Maker Bookmark that makes finding levels easier, and there’s always the chance you make a tough level an you end up getting yelled at by Markiplier, but for the rest of us, there’s our own communities. So starting today we’re also going to host the details for Super Mario Maker levels from the Contributors and community members!

Our Courses

Andy Frogman Greninja’s Ninja Training Gimmick B580-0000-0045-D7A5
Goomba Sacked Cistern (dry) Traditional 6A87-0000-0049-5931
Goomba Sacked Cistern (flooded) Traditional A4FE-0000-0049-7B3E
Jeremy M. Peters Jump Rope Anyone? Gimmick 72EA-0000-01BB-2DFA
The British Invasion Theme B48B-0000-019E-A242
Spring Loaded DFF7-0000-00A4-A5CB
Evil Clown Thwomps of Doom! 6AA6-0000-0095-4E24
Cannon Fodder 0185-0000-01A5-F8CB
Wii Love U Lakitu 43DA-0000-001D-B314
Escape From Bullet Dungeon 199A-0000-01AE-5515
Pillars of the Community FCB2-0000-01B2-4380

At the moment there aren’t many community member created levels submitted, but check back in the future! If you want to submit a level you can do so by joining the [Badly.Network] Facebook Community Group, and making a post there. Once this section get’s large enough, it’ll get it’s own page.