Critical Hit, or Miss? – Tales from the Borderlands

Hello once again! It feels like we just did this a…month ago. I return to talk about a franchise that’s been following me for awhile now, Borderlands, as I see what the fuss is with Tales of the Borderlands. Having gotten tired of the franchise in recent times, I heard nothing but amazing things coming out of Tales, but I always said “eh….I will play it, later”. Let’s see if Telltale managed to get back on top, and whether they could resurrect my interest in the world of Borderlands. So all that’s left to ask is, was Tales from the Borderlands a Critical Hit, or Miss?

Anime Kentō: The Big O

Alright class, let’s take a look into the archives a bit here. Nothing too dramatic though, let’s move forward from the originals like Astro Boy, maybe further past the Gundam, and little more over to when Anime started to make it’s way to the West…Ah here. Here is a good spot, this one is a particular favorite and with good reason. Everyone pay close attention, this will be on your next quiz. Now, how many of you have heard the tale of The Big O?

Mangamania: My Hero Academia

When I was a kid, I was a huge Manga fan. I remember seeing one of my classmates reading Shonen Jump and I asked to read it. From there, I became a big reader of Manga. I would go down to Borders and use my allowance to buy volume after volume of Manga. Naruto, One Piece, and many more. Eventually I fell out of the hobby and switched to western comics in High School. Recently however, I’ve come back into reading Manga and I have decided to share my love of Manga with the world. And thus I welcome you to Mangamania!

Our first episode will examine a newly translated manga that was brought to the states last year: My Hero Academia

Tokyo Transmission: Final Cut – Steins; Gate

Greeting folks, as I once again return unto this site of critique, ready to dive into this Transmission for your viewing pleasure! I have spend this past week hiding from prying eyes to get this document delivered to the site, as I entrust it to your capable hands! Let’s dive right into it and decode the rest of this Transmission from Tokyo, just remember to watch your back, The Organization has agents everywhere! El, Psy, Congroo!

Anime Kenkai: Looking Back On Yesteryear

Welcome faithful students, today we will have a simple lecture, consider it a brush up of the basics and nothing more. However if you’ve seen what is listed on here please don’t be afraid to make a comment about them, share in your opinion about whether you agree or disagree. After all, nothing is gained without questioning about it in the first place. Now, shall we begin?

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